Petroglyph National Monument

February 2015

Students from Cuba Middle School visited the Petroglyph National Monument, where they learned about New Mexico’s unique geologic features and its unique cultural history. Mr. Dennis Vasquez, the monument’s superintendent, talked to the students and told them that there are 58 National Parks in the United States, including 16 in New Mexico.

The University of New Mexico Science Education Partnership team joined the National Park Service educators in conducting lessons about physical activity. Students learned about their own physical activity as they hiked about two miles along a park trail while wearing a pedometer. Students also learned about the physical activity of the ancestral Puebloan people. Because these people lived in the Rio Grande Basin, they had to walk three miles to carve the petroglyphs in the park—and then walk three miles back. Now that we have cars, the average person in our society walks much less! We know that walking is one of the best ways to be physically active and that physical activity helps to reduce the risk of getting a chronic disease. We hope that all the students enjoyed their hike and feel inspired to walk a little more every day!  

Prevention Research Center

The mission of the (UNM) Prevention Research Center (PRC) is to address the health promotion and disease prevention needs of New Mexican communities through participatory, science-based, health promotion and disease prevention research. We fulfill this mission through collaboration, training, dissemination and evaluation activities.