Cuba Anatomy and Physiology Students Learn about Careers in Health Research and Health Care by Visiting the University of New Mexico

August 2016

Students from Cuba High School’s Anatomy and Physiology elective course visited the University of New Mexico’s campus to learn about careers in health research and health care. The high school students visited the BATCAVE, where they interacted with the same computer-simulation mannequins that medical students train on. The students also toured a research facility where they learned about studies that result in new medicines and treatments for diabetes and other diseases. During lunch time, a representative from the Department of Nursing talked to the students about UNM’s nursing programs. The students paid detailed attention and took pictures of his PowerPoint slides so that they would know which general college courses were required of them before they could enter into the nursing programs. Lastly, students visited the Pathology lab, where they met some of the medical professionals who work behind the scenes, analyzing the blood or urine samples that patients have given to their doctors during examinations.

We are excited to see so many hard-working and intelligent Cuba High School students interested in serving their community by working in health care and health research. Special thanks to Mrs. Olivia Casaus for mentoring and teaching this bunch every day!