“Science Girl” Assemblies Get Students Excited About Science

September 2016

“Do you love science?!” a student asked Melissa Ober, also known as ‘Science Girl’, at the end of her assembly performance. “Yes, I love science! How about you?” “Me, too!” the Cuba 6th grade student shouted. In Science Girl’s dramatic theatrical, she conducts various science experiments in attempts to save her laboratory from a competing evil scientist (played by Ober’s younger brother).

Each science experiment required an assistant from the audience. When Science Girl asked for a volunteer, the crowd of students’ hands shot up. One experiment demonstrated water’s surface tension. Another demonstrated how an indicator liquid turns a different colors in acids and in bases. But it was the experiment which demonstrated Bernoulli’s Principal (as air moves faster, the air pressure decreases) which had all the students on the edge of their seats. Bernoulli’s Principal was demonstrated through a ‘Vortex Generator’ which blasted smoke rings into the crowd.

You can make your own Vortex Generator at home. All you need is a container with a larger opening on one end and a smaller opening on the other (a bucket, trashcan, or even plastic cup with a smallish hole cut out of the bottom will work), a piece of plastic large enough to cover the larger opening (a garbage bag or shower curtain will work), a bungee cord or rubber band to secure the plastic onto the container, and a smoke machine (or dry ice for a smaller generator).

For more information on Science Girl, visit her website at http://www.sciencegirlslab.com/