A new director for New Mexico State Parks

July 2015

Christy Tafoya was recently named the new director for New Mexico State Parks. Ms. Tafoya started working for the state parks as an archeologist 17 years ago. Archeology is the study of human history and human prehistory through the excavation of man-made artifacts and remains. There are 35 state parks in New Mexico. They contain a total of about 196,000 acres of land and water.

Have you ever been to a NM State Park? Fenton Lake State Park? El Vado Lake State Park? Heron Lake State Park? Navajo Lake State Park? State parks can be a fun and inexpensive way for you to observe the science of nature!

Prevention Research Center

The mission of the (UNM) Prevention Research Center (PRC) is to address the health promotion and disease prevention needs of New Mexican communities through participatory, science-based, health promotion and disease prevention research. We fulfill this mission through collaboration, training, dissemination and evaluation activities.